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We have moved

From 1 June 2015, we are relocating to Level 1 “Sherwood Central”, 686 Sherwood Road Sherwood (near Woolworths)

Our phone, facsimile and email details will remain the same

Our new postal address will be: PO Box 52, Sherwood Qld 4075

Do you need a lawyer?

We understand the importance of this question. As a suburban based family orientated legal practice your interests are of our paramount concern to us. Therefore here at Edser Lawyers we offer a service, at no cost to you, whereby you can send us a query and we will come back to you with a prompt response. We will provide you with an answer as to whether or not, objectively speaking, a lawyer will be of assistance to you in your specific situation. If we believe you do, we will also provide you with an assessment of costs.

In order to use this facility please fill out the relevant information on the ‘contact us’ page. Or if you are more comfortable speaking over the phone then please call us on the number provided.

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